About Christina


Hi, Everyone!! My name is Christina and I am a military spouse and mama to four kiddos. Since childhood, I have had an interest in fashion. In high school, I worked at Abercrombie & Fitch and modeled for TIGI. I spent all of my paychecks on building a wardrobe full of beautiful items. Lilly Pulitzer and JCrew were among my favorite places to shop. I was married and had my first child at the young age of 21. My daughter, Robinson, wore designer clothing and was always dressed to the hilt. Did you know they have a children's line at Brooks Brothers?! Fast forward 10-years and three additional children later... Y'all, my kiddos have been wearing mismatched clothing with stains and half of the time their clothes are on backwards. I've fallen into wearing sweatpants, t-shirts, hair in a messy bun and slippers. Not too long ago, while digging through old photographs with my daughter, Robinson, she made a comment that changed my life. She said, "mom, you used to look like a girl on the movie Crazy Rich Asians and now you look like THAT! What happened?" She was absolutely correct and it saddened me. I was a mess! I had been wearing the same sweats for 2-days, I hadn't brushed my hair, I had dark circles, unhealthy skin and my self-esteem was non-existent. I knew I needed to make changes. Over the past several months I've dedicated a lot of time finding my new style and working on myself. I started this boutique as a way of getting in-touch with the newest trends and cultivating affordable styles for other mamas who may also be struggling to feel their best! Xoxo, Christina